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Finally finished! I had to join the elsa/jack fandom for this, even though I’m a bit late (:

One sign of genius is taking something that already seems perfect and making it even better. Milk and cookies are a match made in heaven, but Dominique Ansel, New York City-based pastry chef and creator of the legendary cronut, elevated the classic pairing to mouthwatering awesomeness when he created these Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots.
They’re shots of cold milk served in freshly baked chocolate chip cookie glasses and we can’t stop staring at them. If you’re going to be at SXSW 2014, you’ll have the opportunity to try them on Sunday, March 9th during an Allison+Partners-sponsored event.
Considering the epic lines that still form in New York for cronuts, let’s hope Cookie Monster isn’t attending SXSW. If he’s there, no one else stands a chance of getting any Milk and Cookie Shots for themselves.
[via Kotaku]

Somebody paid me to draw this.  I love my job.